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We are located near Faizabad Road in a 5 acre farm away from pollution of city where cows nurture in the best combination of nature and science our main purpose is to provide fresh, hygienic and best quality desi cow milk. Feed and fodder provided to our desi cows are grown purely in organic manner and a lot of focus is given to balance diet of cows so that the milk provided is at its best in nutrient value. In the entire process we maintain best possible level of cleanliness of our desi cows, employees and our surroundings. After milking the milk is cooled at 4 degree Celsius to avoid the microbes and reduces the enzyme activity by reduction of temperature. We try our level best to reflect our passion for milk and give society at large a pure means of complete food in this.

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Why Choose Glass

Glass unlike some plastic bottles does not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC or Polycarbonate, so nothing can dissolve into your milk from a glass bottle.

Milk Cooling

Milk Cooling affects milk quality, the quicker the milk is cooled after milking, the better the quality when it is delivered to its end users. Thus, also minimises or prevents micro-organism growth.

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Feed & fodder

Feed & fodder for cows vary with respect to cow’s requirement. Feed includes : Green Fodder Makka / Wheat / Bajra Dana Oil Cakes – Soya, Groundnut, Cottonseed etc Wheat Bran Chuni etc.

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Milking Machine

Use of Milking Machine gives hygienic milk and also prevents pain udder of cows.

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Mandakini Milks

Provide the best service to every customer

Mandakini Milks

State of the Mandakini Milks

Cow Milked

Cow Milked at an automated milking parlour without any human contact

No hemicals

No hemicals are used in milk production and fodder producedat our farm.

Milk processed

Milk processed and packaged at the farm itself

Milk delivered

Milk delivered to home by Delivery Team

Milk Cooling

Milk Cooling affects milk quality, the quicker the milk is cooled after milking, the better the quality.

As we strive to offer healthier & nutritious dairy alternatives to people, we keep taste and flavour in mind. Our wide range of products are designed to make moments both delicious and healthy.

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